Innoforia offers digital transformation for enterprises with specializes in Growth Solutions. Some of our salient offering are as follows:
  • ► Lead Generation/ Digital Marketing: We provide solutions to attract prospects and log these prospects details in suitable Lead Management system. We use digital marketing practices to reach to the prospects. We also provide some customer databases.
  • ► AI powered Chatbot: We provide chatbots that provide 24-hour service, instant answers and the ability to scale without the need for human intervention.
  • ► CRM Solutions: We provide Euphoria CRM (Customer Relationship Management with salient features of lead management, sales team management, Web App Mobile App Lead Log Service etc.) solutions with customized business rules.
  • ► Cyber Security Solutions: Understandably the data protection and security is also an essential segment and here we provide end point security solution by offering Kaspersky software and provide security assessment solutions.
  • ► Project Management Solutions: We provide MS Project software and consulting around this.

    Our customers includes government organization to mid sized private enterprises and institutes. We have also implemented ERP Solutions, Accounting and Billing Solutions for Restaurants and various business enterprises.