Seller Desktop

Bill your customers in just couple of swipes. Print reciepts in your desirable format and reduce transaction time.

Product Management

List and delist the items on your inventory easily. Scroll and manage your inventory at just one touch.

Sales Reporting and Analysis

View daily, weekly, monthly & yearly sales details. Boost your business with our convinient sales analysis features.

e-Commerce Mart

Online mart for showing products and accepting orders from customers.

Multiple business

Mutiple business may be managed

Tax and Discounts

Calculate bills, taxes and discounts in just matter of seconds.

Availability of inventories

Availability of items controlled on various platform.


Manage POS systems for multiple business from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile Based POS (Android)

Mobile Application POS is provided on Android App. This is in Stand Alone Mode and May be integrated with Cloud based POS.


▣  How to Use

Android Based POS App

Install on Android Device. Looking to run stand alone POS application. Install App from the Play store along with a bluetooth Printer. You will be all set to run your business on fly. App Link
You may also request Enterprise based solution where your Android App is linked with your Cloud Based Applications.
Stand Alone POS
Stand Alone POS
Cloud based POS System:
  1. Seller Desktop
  2. e-Commerce Website
  3. Connected with ONDC(To be done)
Steps for Setting Euphoria POS Cloud Application
  1. Browse to Euphoria POS Web App Link: Link
  2. Register as New User
  3. Set Password on your email
  4. Login on the Euphoria POS
  5. Add your Business
  6. Manage Your Business
  7. Move to POS Dashboard
  8. Setup Product Units, Product Group, Products Item
  9. Setup Customer, if any. This can done on run as well
  10. Review Availability of product Items. Only items marked available can be traded
  11. Now use Bill -> New Bill. Create new POS invoice
  12. Also view your business e-Commerce Store from Owners Dashboard


Euphoria POS - Overview

▣  EUPHORIA POS (Android App) - Privacy Policy

The app requests following permissions:

  1. Internet Access
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Read & Write External Storage

Reason for such permissions

Any data collcted is stored on user device. No data is shared outside the user device.

▣ Know more about POS

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